04 August, 2021

Goody, Goody Days

Pre-poll noise dies off, the BJP U-turns to follow up UPA policies

Goody, Goody Days

In early 2011, when Aadhaar was being launched in the states, then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had refused to let the identification system roll out in his state. Gujarat had its own citizens’ documentation system, he had said. Over the next two years, the BJP spared no effort to play down the UPA government’s pet project, and never shied of taking digs at its frontman Nan­dan Nilekani. Aadhaar was an exe­rcise in futility, it had then said, and if it came to power, it would give preference to the “more logical and robust” National Pop­ulation Register (NPR).

Two months into the national government, in a clear departure from that vocal rebuff, the BJP-led government has given a clear indication that Aadhaar will continue. Why, it is even giving the project more funds. Surprised? Actually, there are numerous issues (see graphic) where Narendra Modi’s government has reneged from the party’s old stand and election-time promises. The long list of U-turns includes issues like the N-liability bill, opening up the insurance sector,...

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