01 November, 2020

Goodfellas Inc

Clinton's India feelings continue—now he's a prime fundraiser

Goodfellas Inc
Americans don't expect too much from their former presidents. Political galas and afternoons of golf are normally interspersed with lucrative speaking engagements at top universities. So it came as a surprise when former president Bill Clinton announced that he would actively help raise funds for India's earthquake victims. Says Jake Siewert, press secretary to the former president: "He saw some of the coverage of the earthquake and was very moved by what he saw. He has very fond memories of his trip to India with his daughter Chelsea."

On January 31, Clinton called Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to offer his condolences and his support, and immediately turned to the local Indian community. "Clinton had his staff reach out to some prominent Indian-Americans," says Siewert, "and they pulled together a meeting in New York on February 1 to try to accelerate some of the fundraising that has been going on." Among the participants in the two-hour meeting on February 1, which was held in the corporate office of Citibank, were India consul-general Shashi Tripathi,...


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