25 June, 2021

Good News In Guna

The economy is being transformed: tax compliance has improved tremendously, inflation rate is well contained and more welfare payments are going out to the poor than ever before.

Good News In Guna

On the economic side of things, the general perception is that the government hasn’t quite met the expectations, which were and still remain quite high. In fact, there is a further, new-found surge in expectations in recent times. I have been going on election trips for the past 20 years with a group of journalists—we’re called the ‘limousine liberals’, because we travel by cars to rural areas. Last month, on one such trip, we stopped in a village near Guna in Madhya Pradesh. It was 2 pm, and the village seemed deserted. No one in sight, except for a woman. We asked her version of what was happening, development-wise.

Soon, other women joined the conversation. Some said they had to bribe the sarpanch to get their toilet built, but that toilets were being built. Some complained they hadn’t obtained funds under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. Despite the notes of discontent, I was happy to see that women were assertive about their complaints. This is a mega transformation. For the bottom 60-70 per cent, India has never had it so...

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