24 July, 2021

G.One, With The Wind

Will the superhuman resuscitate the superstar? The jury is out on Ra.One.

Amit Haralkar
G.One, With The Wind

Ra.One: What’s At stake?

Stardom, brand value, ambition, reputation: Shahrukh’s bet it all on Ra.One. No wonder he has never hardsold a film like this one.

  • Rs 125-200cr In the notoriously fickle industry, each person has a different budget calculation for RA.One. All, though, agree that it’s Bollywood’s costliest film yet.
  • Brands SRK is on a promotional overdrive as he has logged in a record number of brand tie-ups. That means some 20 brands featuring co-branded promos. Their value is directly linked to the success of the film.
  • Exhibitors In the widest Bollywood release ever, the film is set to hit 3,000 screens in the domestic market and 400 overseas. About 500 screens will play it in 3D. A small territory like the central province area (Nagpur, Jabalpur etc) has reportedly gone for Rs 5 crore. In comparison, Bodyguard was sold here for Rs 2.7 crore. All of them would be praying it’s at least...

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