14 June, 2021

Golden Rectangle

Science and art stitch an intricate pattern of beauty at Prithvi

Seven Ortel
Golden Rectangle

Painting Equations

  • TIFR scientists explain maths and physics at monthly sessions, Chai and Why
  • Maths Mela for students, with exhibitions, maths lab, lec-dems
  • Will soon host A Disappearing Number, the acclaimed play on Ramanujam


How do you marry maths with theatre, why indeed should you marry maths with theatre? Ask actor-director Simon McBurney, who is preparing to showcase maths genius Srinivas Ramanujan to Indians in the play A Disappearing Number. Or better still, ask Sanjna Kapoor—who, in her firm belief that the sciences and the arts must find common platforms, has thrown open the doors of Mumbai’s iconic Prithvi theatre not only to McBurney and his troupe, Complicite, but equally to thousands of Mumbaikars across age, language and disciplines. It’s not that difficult to find common ground, she says, because “pure maths, like art, is a quest for understanding without any necessary...

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