17 April, 2021

Goin' For The Toss

An American Pro Cricket league. Will the ABCDs pay to see sixers?

Goin' For The Toss
Kalpesh Patel's fervour is religious and his homework impressive. He is convinced he can open the American mind to cricket and secure a spot for the game in the world's most lucrative sports market. He says he has a solid business plan, extensive market research and new poll data to back his dream of bringing cricket to a land that rocks to the rhythms of baseball and bows to the brawn of football. He has pre-emptively named himself Cricket Commissioner to get 'with the lingo' and match the status of the baseball commissioner—a post that Condoleezza Rice, who reigns in the White House, once said was her dream job.

He got the idea first, and in America that's half the gain. If the New Jersey man can stretch cricket's popularity here and cash in, he will have shown the Indian entrepreneurial spirit on yet another frontier. But that's a big IF. Major League Soccer is struggling and at least three football leagues have died.

So professional cricket in America, you ask, a country that usurped the term "football" and forced the rest of the world to call it soccer? To be...

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