05 August, 2021

Godly Gates

He breezes in and out of borders, has lots of money and big plans for India.

Saibal Das
Godly Gates

His visits are like those of a head of nation. For security reasons, the roads are cleared for his entourage (which included three Mercedes vans of the same make and colour); the prime minister, the finance minister and chief ministers bend over backwards to take time out to meet him; and he talks passionately about how he holds the key to solve India's macro problems. Yes, we are talking about Bill Gates, the richest human being on earth who breezes in and out of national borders like those invisible binary digits on your computers.

When we met him during a car ride from Bangalore's Leela Palace hotel to the city's Palace Grounds, we were given explicit instructions. "You can't get down before he reaches the venue." Or, that "if you enter the venue with him, you cannot get out till it's over." But the best thing was that Gates didn't have enough time for pleasantries. We were not introduced to him and as soon as he got into the car, we started shooting our questions. (It's a different thing that we didn't mind it as we wanted to ask 30 questions in the 20 minutes...

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