08 May, 2021

Goddammit! A Vasudev And His Radio Wave!

India, 2000 BC. Stewing in its own mythology, a ripping fantasy yarn has the mortal Shiva look evil in the eye.

Apoorva Salkade
Goddammit! A Vasudev And His Radio Wave!

It was about three years ago that I received a call from someone named Amish. He introduced himself as an alumnus of the business school I had gone to, said he worked in insurance, and had written a novel. So would I read it and give my comments? A few days later, his self-published book, Shiva: The Man The Legend (it had apparently been rejected by every publisher he had approached), arrived by courier. I was intrigued by the basic premise—that Shiva was not a god, but a flesh-and-blood man who came to be revered as a god, and was finally claimed by the Hindu pantheon.

What I found was a clever mix of mythology and imaginative leaps from the smattering of facts we have about the India of 4,000 years ago, wrapped in a gripping tale that combined lots of action with deep yet accessible philosophy. The central character of Shiva was endearingly human, a marijuana-smoking uber-warrior who uses expletives like “Goddamnit!” and “Shit!” and goes all weak-kneed when he falls in love. I found the book...

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