26 February, 2021

Godavari: The New Narmada?

Will Polavaram be another ecocide zone? Not if we apply the Vedanta logic to it.

Adivasi Aikya Vedika
Godavari: The New Narmada?

Godavari Flow Chart

  • 80 TMC of water diverted to river Krishna. Water supply to Visakhapatnam. Drinking water to 540 villages.
  • Will  irrigate 2.91 lakh hectares. Power generation: 960 MW
  • Full reservoir Level: 151 feet,  total cost: about Rs 17,800 crore
  • Clearance from MoEF in July 2010
  • Environmentalists and rights activists say the dam could inundate parts of AP, Orissa and Chhattisgarh, swamp 280 villages. It will displace two lakh people, mostly tribals.


The Polavaram dam across the river Godavari has been a dream project for several governments in Andhra Pradesh. Most of them had to let it stay at that—a dream. An ambitious project which envisages harnessing the river’s surplus water that otherwise flows into the sea (80 thousand million cubic feet is also diverted annually to the Krishna river), the Polavaram dam has been in the conceptual stage since 1943. It was only when...

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