12 May, 2021

God On A Phone Line

That is what our godmen are to most Indians: present on call

Nilotpal Baruah
God On A Phone Line

One Two Ka Three

New Age godmen are of three kinds, and Indian devotees are known to seek a mix of them

  • Reason-Defying Miracle Men Eye-popping visual tricks and sleights of hand are the name of their game. They materialise objects out of thin air and claim other superhuman feats, like rain-inducing prayers, to advertise their “supernatural” powers.
  • Veda-Expounding Wordsmiths Their forte is discourses that explain arcane holy texts in simple words and help join the dots.
  • Yoga And Wellness Gurus Life coaches who help disciples to worldly success through a step-by-step guide to physical fitness and mental peace, with a dash of music, meditation and alternative medicine tips


It was the last miracle by the man who flew in the face of reason and defied the sceptics for seven decades. As 85-year-old Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s emaciated body was lowered into his...

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