20 April, 2021

God Is Not A Khomeini

All that Islam needs for an inclusive, humane future is present in its own resources—scriptural and modern

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God Is Not A Khomeini

“It should not come as a surprise to discover that the first book on the future of Islam was written by an Englishman: Wilfrid Scawen Blunt. I think Blunt was spot on when he argued that the future survival of Islam depends on an internal reform of law and ethics. But he was sensible enough to suggest that such reforms are best undertaken by Muslims themselves.”

 “Futures of Islam, like futures of most cultures, are open to numerous pluralistic and democratic possibilities. The emp­hasis of my own work has been on shaping pluralistic and sustainable futures for Muslim societies. But I have to admit that Muslims, as a whole, are not very good at looking towards the future or exploring alternative future paths. We tend to be nostalgic about the glories of our history and fatalistic about our current problems.”

Ziauddin Sardar
author of The Future of Muslim Civilisation

Thinking, let alone writing, about the futures of Islam or...

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