12 May, 2021

God Dammed

We’re giving too long a rope to these religious groups. Art cannot thrive in this environment.

God Dammed

I react to these infringements by religious groups not as an artiste but as a layman and citizen of India. I think our governance, the system should be for the people but we are giving way too long a rope to these religious organisations to dictate terms. A line has to be drawn and such religious groups should not be allowed liberty beyond a point. The government needs to get strict, otherwise these artistic intrusions will keep happening and will increase day by day. After a point, all we would be worried about is whether it is safe to say or portray this or that, or will some religious group find it offensive? Free thoughts and artistic expression cannot thrive in this sort of environment. Hurting sentiments is a different issue but when the groups become a nuisance to the society, they should be curbed and not be tolerated at all, both by the citizens and the state.

It’s really sad to see that after so many years of civilisation, of evolution, religion is not helping us coexist. The basic philosophy of every religion is pure but it’s getting abducted and...

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