22 June, 2021

Goa Diary

Journalist and writer Rahul Singh's diary from Goa.

Goa Diary
Stuck In the Sand

If you’re planning to, don’t do it. Seriously. Unless you want to spend the better time of your vacation inching painfully along the roads of the 105-km coastline of Goa. Yes, Goa of the palm-fronded beaches is a traffic nightmare. I discovered that first hand. There’s only a single major highway near the coast, connecting north and south Goa, from the Maharashtra border to Karnataka. And at two critical points—the bridges over the Mandovi and Zuari rivers—tailbacks and snarls (stressed drivers snarling at each other)are as commonplace as those beachcomber cows and coconut oil masseurs. It’s all because of new constructions along the roads. Worse still is the fanciful idea of making temporary diversions through paddy fields—to keep the traffic flowing and the farmer fuming. A car ride from Margao to Mapusa, just over an hour once, can now hold you up for at least three hours. So, the wisest thing to do...

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