24 July, 2021

Go, Cook That Look

A television chef who turned her Indian cookbook into a hit recipe

Go, Cook That Look
It was all headed for this—that an Indian cookbook should one day outsell Harry Potter in Britain. And it's not just because Indian food has now well and truly 'colonised' the British palate. It's because an Indian woman "with Angelina Jolie-lips, a cutglass accent and glossy hair" (to quote the London Times) has just become Britain's biggest TV celebrity chef. Move over Nigella Lawson, Anjum Anand is the new 'Domestic Goddess'.

Like most successful ideas, Anjum's is really quite simple. And it succeeded first because it came from her, the woman who dropped more than 30 kgs of weight not by gym sweat but through eating Indian curries—or so she claimed in her earlier book, Indian Every Day: Light, Healthy Indian Food, which came out in 2003 and sold 30,000 copies. Follow that up with Indian Food Made Easy, which makes whipping up a curry seem as easy as slapping together a sandwich, and it's not surprising that it has quickly become a bestseller. Backed by a picture of her own before-and-after transformation to...

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