25 February, 2021

Gladys Staines

Graham Staines' widow onher book, 'Burnt Alive' and the value of forgiveness

Gladys Staines
What is the book, Burnt Alive, all about?
It is the story of our family and our mission. It raises some pertinent questions.

How did you cope with the death of your husband and sons?
I drew my strength from God and from the support of other people. When you have a loss in the family, you don't cope immediately. The shock of everything takes over and helps you to cope initially, but it takes time.

What was your response to Dara Singh's arrest?
After my husband was killed, I said I was sad that Dara Singh was free to keep killing other people. Now that he's arrested, I'm glad he's not free to do this to other people.

How did you find it in yourself to forgive him?
Jesus Christ has forgiven my crimes so he also commands us to forgive each other. It was a spontaneous thing. It wasn't something I had to work up, it just came.

Has your daughter coped as well with the tragedy?
Her personal faith is Jesus Christ. I told her simply that we've been left alone and we'll forgive him. She said, "Yes, mum,...

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