23 November, 2020

Give US A Reason...

Saddam's reign is over. This itself may expose the coalition's pretexts for war.

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Give US A Reason...
The war in Iraq is all but over. American armour occupies the centre of Baghdad. Saddam Hussein's giant statue in a central square has been pulled down. Some Iraqis have begun to express their hatred of him openly. Elsewhere, notably in Basra and other smaller towns in southern Iraq, a few others have also thanked the Americans and British for 'liberating' them. None of this comes as a surprise. It had become clear from fairly early on in the conflict that most of the Iraqi army, with the exception of a few elite units, had no stomach for a fight. This was not because the soldiers detested their leaders but because, as in Afghanistan, they knew that with no air cover, and with their communication lines blown away, they were utterly powerless before the aerial bombing, the precision-guided munitions and the depleted uranium artillery shells of the invaders.

It was their officers' awareness of this all-pervasive hopelessness that made them launch virtually the whole of Iraq's armour into suicidal forays out of Basra and Baghdad to engage the enemy. The officers knew the...


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