28 January, 2021

Give Them Their Daily Say

Lack of information, education, power have disenfranchised millions

Give Them Their Daily Say

When I was working on and researching Shanghai, based more on Vassilis Vassilikos’s book Z than the Costa Gavras film, the idea that struck me was how the lives and destinies of a large number of people are controlled by a small bunch. It’s the way ‘representative’ governments seem to work. The interesting thing I found out was how 80 per cent of those whose lives are affected have no representation in the decision-making bodies. If you examine democracy closely, in how many decisions have we had a part to play? Most decisions are made without us having a say. It’s the venality of the state and the polity that doesn’t allow what could be a proper participation.

It’s about who keeps the keys of control. An issue like net neutrality affects the mid­dle class who have a voice, a platform and are the consumers, so it grabs attention. But there are millions hidden from the mainstream about whom we have no proper information, who themselves have no control over their own lives. We have disenfranchi­sed a huge group of...



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