12 April, 2021

Give The Kiss A Miss

Kissing has become quick social currency, can we be a bit thrifty with it?

Give The Kiss A Miss
Somebody please tell Mika that what he did to Rakhi Sawant in a stupor of self-indulgence was labelled the 'Pressing Vine' in the Kamasutra. "When grasping her chin, you pinch her mouth to an 'O', kiss her hungrily and hard, it is called the pressing vine."

In Vatsyayana's text, this kiss is the most intimate of them all. In fact, some translations make a distinction between the pressed kiss and the greatly pressed kiss.

Mika pressed his luck. A typical north Indian bullying trait. He did with the kiss what he naturally does with queues at airports. Jump them. Rakhi pressed her point that she was molested. Typical conservative outrage when modernity doesn't work as a bodyguard.

Now as the two slug it out in court, it is the kiss that stands in the witness box. Arrested for becoming a split personality.

It is not the veracity of the incident that is under scrutiny. Mika and Rakhi might be laughing up their sleeves for having pulled a fast one on the media. They got attention that only the best PR firm could have...

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