13 June, 2021

Give Me The Tired, The Weary!

Officialdom thinks there's little to worry about. But for Citizen Jane, it's another story altogether.

Give Me The Tired, The Weary!
The excited throng of protesters could have been anywhere in the world, among the millions who came out on February 15 to denounce plans for war against Iraq and its people. But this protest wasn't just anywhere. It was in the main thoroughfare of Baghdad, the hapless city that sits in the sights of the formidable US war machine. Armed with drums, trumpets, banners and their voices, tens of thousands of Iraqis called on US President George W. Bush to back down on his intent to deploy force against Iraq in an effort to disarm it of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

The preceding day had enthused the Iraqis. The UN's chief weapons inspector Hans Blix had, on February 14, told the Security Council that Iraq had improved its cooperation, that there were no signs of WMDs and that he needed more time to continue searching for evidence to either prove US allegations or refute them.

Then came the protests—in Iraq and elsewhere. One Iraqi newspaper, Al-Iraq, described the protests as "the greatest refusal in history". Another newspaper, Babel, swam in the...

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