24 November, 2020

Girls Aloud In Pastel World

Frothy, girly fun? That and erotic, emotional conflict in ’80s Delhi, circled by a reliance on caste/class stereotypes

Girls Aloud In Pastel World

A witty book will have its reviewer in a bind. Why would you judge when it is self-confessedly a romantic comedy professing no more than to provide merriment? Be not worried about regression, stereotypes or a certain type of bathos that passes off as post-feminist irony. Come, cast off the detritus of that hard-earned sexual politics embedded in the way you make your morning coffee, react to Obama, water scarcity, Oedipus, the ‘have it all-ness’, your elbow and so on. Float your ship lightly into a peachy, puerile, champa-scented world of lovers. No, I am not working up a ‘bitchy lip-curl’ here, considering that I have resolutely battled romance maligners. Helen Fielding over James Hadley Chase—that sort of quarrel. Not that romance, such as the one being reviewed, is ever in real distress. It reinvents itself now and then, becomes perkier, the women go from being secretaries to editors in publishing houses, but at the heart of it is the unchanging key ingredient—a dishy guy who can pin the woman against a wall and take her breath away. Anuja...



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