28 July, 2021

Ghosts Who Walk

Long overdue, a taskforce report on how to reform our intel agencies

Ghosts Who Walk

Spywork For Dummies

  • Lack of coordination: Turf battles have slowed down or completely blocked reform No financial accountability: Secret service funds steadily increasing, without unused funds being surrendered
  • Press reports as intelligence: Artfully cloaked news reports from international publications passed off as source reports
  • Poor recruitment policies: RAW suffers from the “tail-end syndrome” where UPSC bottom-rungers are offered jobs
  • Archaic training: The training curriculum in RAW remains archaic and too police-centric Drift in operational work: Breaches of national security due to poor analysis and inadequate follow-up action
  • Lack of cover: RAW operatives suffer from inadequate cover when posted abroad


Intelligence reforms in India have usually been an area that always sees a piecemeal approach,...

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