13 June, 2021

Germany Diary

In Outlook this week, a diary from Berlin.

Illustration by Saahil
Germany Diary
Seductive Berlin

It’s 6pm. An orange hue is just about fading from the evening sky, and a cool breeze lingers. The sound of quick footsteps along the pavement is interspersed with soft chatter and the occasional laugh. Taking in this crisp, perfectly European evening seems even better now as we ‘prost!’ to ano­ther round of German Hefe.

Berlin has a largeness to it—from its tall buildings and bustling streets, to the infinite number of locals towering over me. None of this is intimidating though, because Berlin doesn’t let one type of people or personality define it. The sharp-suited corporate folk are a fine contrast to the heavily-pierced, tattooed lot in matching Doc Martins. The skater boys are loitering, while the hipster in suspenders makes haste through the crowd. Not to mention the topless dude with headphones on, but he hardly stands out. Berlin is modern, progressive, welcoming and refreshingly eccentric. A...

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