21 January, 2021

George Catches A Chill

A Myanmarese ethnic outfit cries foul over old ally Fernandes' sudden 'betrayal'

George Catches A Chill

"We’re very disappointed with India’s defence minister George Fernandes. He had promised to ensure that our men would be swiftly released from the prisons in Port Blair and also that no unnecessary harassment would be meted out to our cadres during the course of our struggle against the Burma colonists (SIC). But he has done nothing in this regard."

-A leader of the National United Party of Arakan (NUPA), an ethnic insurgent group of Myanmar, in an interview to Outlook

The ardent socialist in George Fernandes had at one time ensured that he was a sworn sympathiser and patron of the pro-democratic forces fighting the junta in Myanmar. But that seems no longer the case. Thanks to the burden of his ministerial responsibilities, he can ill afford to support the insurgents in Myanmar. For, that would mean tacitly upholding the cause of the rebels in India’s northeast, who’ve put in place an umbrella organisation with the guerrillas on the other side of the border.

That, however, is little solace for senior NUPA leaders, fighting for...



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