28 February, 2021

GDP On A Reckless Aston

Crony capitalism oils the wheels of politics, which then bestows on it the benefits of power. Modern India’s ‘growth’ is thus unpicked in these stories.

GDP On A Reckless Aston

It has been five years since an Aston Martin, valued at $7,00,000, hit and spun an Audi A4 on to the opposite carriageway before a collision with another car had its front end crushed. No one was killed in the accident on December 8, 2013, but the identity of the driver rem­ains an unresolved mystery. The case has long been buried, but the skeleton keeps on popping in people’s memory. The accident on Mumbai’s Peddar Road continues to evoke conspiracy theories even today, as the car belonged to the Reliance Industries, and none other than a young man from that business dynasty could have been at the wheel. The confession of a so-called driver claiming to be the one at the wheel during the late-night test drive is reflective of the tumultuous times when political and economic influence protects the rich.         

Evoking Mark Twain’s ‘The Gilded Age’, when greedy, corrupt industrialists, bankers and politicians had ruled the US at the turn of the 20th century, the Financial Times’ former...

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