10 April, 2021

Gautam Chadha

The India representative of Royal Caribbean Cruises on luxury liners and Indian vacationers

Gautam Chadha

You got Indians cruising when liners were the stuff of travel glossies here.

It happened by accident in 1993. Over lunch, I was asked by the head of expansion, Royal Caribbean International, if I’d represent India.

Was there a market then?

He said if you have the patience, we can build a market for you.

Would the average Indian consider a cruise?

It’s the affording mature traveller who goes on our cruises. We’ve no ships coming to India, and yet have had 20,000 Indian passengers annually in the last two years. Indians have flown to Europe and the US to board our ships.

It is luxury travel, then.

One man’s luxury is another man’s ordinary. You can pay $1,000 a night per person for a suite or $70-80 for a non-ocean view cabin, and enjoy a free run of the ship.

But cruises aren’t a must-do here.

India is emerging, and people want to fill scrapbooks with run-of-the-mill experiences before...

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