24 November, 2020

Frozen, Framed

A Telugu filmmaker who’s planning on a life after life

P. Anil Kumar
Frozen, Framed

Back In The Future

  • Krishnamsetty opts for cryopreservation after death at a cost of Rs 94,000 per year
  • Body to be stored in liquid nitrogen in a vat in Alcor’s facilities in Arizona
  • Blood circulation, breathing sustained by heart-lung resuscitator
  • In future, hopes to come back to life with scientific leaps in stem cell therapy, neuroscience


Once Kumar Krishnamsetty breathes his last, whenever that happens, his family won’t have to fret about sombre funeral rites. For there will be no cremation, nor even an interment. Instead, what Krishnamsetty’s will will insist is an immediate and efficacious despatch of his body to a vault in Arizona in the US. That’s why, instead of a pandit, they will probably be speed-dialling an airline executive. It’s in Scottsdale that he has chosen to rest in peace. Actually freeze in peace, in liquid nitrogen at minus 120 degree Celsius. Not forever, though, only until the day science has...



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