20 October, 2020

From The Transhuman Planet

Technology will make human beings their own ancestors

From The Transhuman Planet
We should start this with "As we stand at the threshold of a new millennium...", but...

My father remembers walking two miles as a boy once a week to listen to the radio. And a few months ago, in a Calcutta operation theatre, I watched the inside of my mother’s lungs on a screen as the surgeon sent in a fibre optic cable tipped with a pin-sized camera to detect exactly where and how bad the damage was. So. As we stand at the threshold of a new millennium, it is imperative to recognise that mankind’s ability to absorb, use and adapt to technology is truly amazing. Only 35 years ago, IBM thought there was a global market for only five computers.

As we at Outlook researched the way our lives could change in the 21st century, time and again we felt disbelief: How will they ever manage to do that? Even if they did, what use would it be? We had to then remind ourselves that when Alexander Graham Bell tried to sell his struggling telephone company in the late 1800s to Western Union, its president William Orton retorted: "What use could we make of an...



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