29 July, 2021

From The Sun To The Masses

With an energy crisis looming large, here's the success story of solar energy and its multiple uses

From The Sun To The Masses
Thane city is acquiring a brand new image—an environment-friendly makeover. Large-scale use of solar energy, which was considered a somewhat far-fetched concept, has brought in real benefits and results in cost and energy savings. It’s being applied to heat water, power traffic lights and advertising hoardings. And leading this unique experiment is the Thane Municipal Corporation. In fact, two months ago, the corporation made it mandatory for all new buildings in the city to instal solar water heating systems.

It began nearly a year ago when they introduced solar panels at the Rajiv Gandhi Medical College. The system could heat 19,050 litres of water everyday and the electricity bill dropped by a remarkable Rs 9 lakh. Buoyed by the success, the technology was soon adopted in other hospitals run by the corporation. "We showed that solar water heating can be commercially viable through this project," says Thane municipal commissioner Sanjay Sethi, the prime motivator behind the conservation drive.

Now the corporation is encouraging existing housing societies to...

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