08 March, 2021

From Oslo, To Nagpur

Right-wingers across the world seem to share a vocabulary of persecution and hate

From Oslo, To Nagpur

Breivik’s Indiaspeak

  • A Hindu holocaust has taken place in India
  • Hindu nationalists suffer the same persecution from Marxists as European right-wingers
  • Hindus abroad worry more about Hindu culture than those in India
  • The Hindu right wing does not tolerate the current injustice and often riots and attacks when things get out of control
  • The UPA government relies on appeasing Muslims


There is something about the rantings of right-wingers, be they mass murderers in Europe or fanatics from the ranks of the Hindu right, that carries a sinister echo of each other. Certainly it would be unfair to blame the forces of Hindutva for Anders Breivik’s killing spree in Norway that claimed 76 lives. The man was a lunatic who moved from just harbouring prejudices and spreading hatred to bloody action. In the larger story of Breivik, the fact that he praises the forces of the Hindu right and suggests a...

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