19 September, 2020

From Labs To Opeds

Scientists must quit the pulpit. The laity must demand clarity.

ESA/Hubble and NASA (From Outlook in collaboration with The New York Times January 2013)
From Labs To Opeds

Getting It

  • Believe that given a clear enough explanation, you can understand. Don’t be dismissed by anyone saying something is too complex
  • Some websites can help. Look for ones with many hits, but check the credentials of who is explaining
  • Tell your local or national media that you want clearer explanations of science, especially about new things like the Higgs boson
  • Contact your country’s funding agencies and say you want clear explanations of the science you help to fund and public involvement in decision-making


Clear explanations of the Higgs boson, also dubbed the ‘God particle’, have been about as elusive as the particle itself, which was finally glimpsed in July. Despite major media coverage of the discovery, many people still don’t understand its momentous meaning and significance. Does it matter? Yes.

Science has a profound impact on society, influencing cultures, lives and economies. Whether scientists...



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