27 February, 2021

From Amir Khusrau To Filthy Abuse

India these days is ­being ­identified with ­Hinduism. Our history tells us why patriots must stand against this.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
From Amir Khusrau To Filthy Abuse

English dictionaries are practically unanimous in defining patriotism as “love of, or zealous devotion to one’s own country” (so in the venerable OED). Inherent in this definition is the presence of other countries in comparison to which one places one’s own country on a higher pedestal. The OED quotes Horatio Smith (1836) to the effect that patriotism is “too often the hatred of other countries disguised as the love of one’s own”! One need not go so far, but, certainly, the placing of one’s country in one’s estimation above other countries is a common, if not essential, element of patriotism.

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