24 October, 2020

Freshly Minted Cheer

Whatever the cons, cash transfers will help the UPA stand up again

Jitender Gupta
Freshly Minted Cheer

In The Ascendant?

After being battered for months, the headlines are changing for the Manmohan Singh government:

  • R.P. Singh, an insider from CAG, has disputed the CAG figure in the 2G spectrum allocation scam
  • The flop of the 2G re-auction seems to underline UPA’s case for first-come-first-served allocation
  • The travails of BJP president Nitin Gadkari at the hands of his own partymen have helped
  • Kamal Nath and Rajiv Shukla have managed the parliamentary impasse over the FDI debate
  • The hanging of Ajmal Kasab has struck a chord with some sections of the population
  • Cash transfers are an electoral trumpcard of sorts


Money, they say, makes the world go round. After months and seasons of despair, there is suddenly a spring in the step of Congress leaders. Pushed into a corner, they have pulled quite a rabbit out of their hat in the form of direct cash transfers. The efficacy, morality and  workability...



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