21 October, 2020

"Free Sexuality From Reproduction"

Acclaimed psychoanalyst and writer Sudhir Kakar talks to Shoma Chaudhury about the ambivalences and contradictions within India's sexual attitudes over the millennia

"Free Sexuality From Reproduction"

How would you define a sexually liberated society?
By the time and place given to sexuality in that society. It should at least equal the pursuit of artha and dharma. And even if it’s subordinate to other preoccupations, it should be among the high ones. Second, sexuality would be freed from reproduction as a sole goal. Pleasure would be a twin goal, if not the higher one. Of course pleasure can’t be the only pursuit, you need other tensions. If anything is too free, people get bored; that’s why sexuality would have a place of honour but not the highest. It would also be a society that not only allowed a love relationship between two young people, even if unmarried, but gave it full support. It would also acknowledge adult sexuality as natural both inside and outside marriage and wouldn’t react with horror to sexual interest or curiosity. There would be an insistence not on mutual faithfulness in marriage but mutual happiness. It would, in short, be a society which supported an individual’s quest for sexual happiness.



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