13 April, 2021

Free Cops And Their Angry Patrons

Free Cops And Their Angry Patrons
Instructing the police to be courteous and citizen-friendly should have brought chief minister A.K. Antony kudos. Ditto for his new policy that frees the force of political interference. Instead, the CM is getting brickbats. And from his own partymen at that.

Antony’s bete noire K. Karunakaran, who’s leading the charge, has obliquely threatened to engineer a defection with the help of 29 Congress mlas who, he claims, are opposed to the new police policy. Karunakaran’s rather specious argument is that the political masters need to control the force if it has to function efficiently and without bias. Congressmen privately admit that Karunakaran is only whipping up anti-Antony sentiments and cashing in on the disenchantment of Congress MLAs who feel that their writ will no longer run in police appointments and transfers.

Antony has, meanwhile, said he’ll make the new policy work.

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