23 June, 2021

Frame For Frame, No Cuts

Two cricket-mad filmwallahs replay their favourite Sachin montages

Pradeep Mandhani
Frame For Frame, No Cuts

Arbaaz Khan

When I was approached by Outlook to write about Sachin Tendulkar, my first thought was I could go on and on and on. We are dealing with India’s single biggest icon here and there’s so much to say about the man who has given us all incredible joy over the past 24 long years.

It is important to say up front that many are blessed with talent. But to be able to hone it in the way Sachin has and to be able to give fans the kind of joy for as long as he has is truly exceptional. Many talented men have other vices. Some like the fast lifestyle while others prefer their drink at the end of a rigorous work day. I am not sitting in moral judgement here but Sachin has not given anyone an opportunity to say anything even here. He’s just been perfect and that’s what makes him the greatest. Both on and off the field he’s a real role model and that’s what I have admired the most in the man.

He has been the truest gentleman to have played the gentleman’s...

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