20 June, 2021

Forty Miles To Paradise

Autumn is a desirable season in sexuality. Mature trysts with love and lust, turning passivity into passion, and dating after divorce are the new colours of the fall.

Illustrations by SANDEEP ADHWARYU
Forty Miles To Paradise
There is supposedly a paradise on earth where mature men and women make languorous love all night long on silken couches, drinking champagne, their energies never flagging as they experience one orgasm after another. The quest for this Eden is futile since it exists only in the reports and minds of sex scientists. These reports are always utopian, in that all respondents have sex regularly and are fully satisfied in their marriage and relationships, much like Sting and his wife Trudi, who recently discussed on television how they can make love for up to eight hours at a time by practising Tantric sex. The truth is that for most normal people in their 50s, that's how long it takes to get the job done—once.

There's an obvious disconnect between perception and reality. So, on this trip to Goa for the New Year, I asked a few friends (all above 40 and counting) how their sex lives were shaping up. The results of my survey: 20 per cent of my respondents just looked away in disgust, saying, "You? Not again!"; 20 per cent said, "Mind your own...

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