24 July, 2021

Forking Paths Of Faith

Three first-hand accounts of how the banned SIMI is fomenting hate

Kedar Bhatt
Forking Paths Of Faith

Kafeel Ahmed's story is now part of contemporary history, of how an aeronautical engineer got turned on to radical ideology. His brother and cousin, Dr Sabeel Ahmed and Dr Mohammed Haneef, seemingly traversed the same path. Some of those arrested in the recent bomb blasts in India, including the July 11, '06, blasts in Mumbai's suburban trains, have testified to a systematic indoctrination. Radicalism, extremism, a political view of religion are by no stretch of imagination limited to Islam and Muslims; they permeate every major religion. Yet, it's worth looking at the pattern of how some Muslims give in to the indoctrination.

a SIMI activist held in connection with Mumbai train blasts

Till it was banned in 2001, the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was one of the many organisations that sought to build an Islamic consciousness. The heightened political sensitivities in the '90s provided a...

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