13 April, 2021

Forced Into Seclusion

Dubuios dealings take their toll

Forced Into Seclusion

A shrewd businessman he might have been and scamster par excellence, but S.K. Jain's dubious public dealings seemed to have taken their toll on his private life. Described by sources as a "chronic, and very heavy drinker", he suffers from a serious liver ailment for which he has been hospitalised in the past. "Some time around the time of his arrest (in March 1995), can't remember whether before or after, Surendra had a (nervous) breakdown and was admitted to Sama Nursing Home (in south Delhi) where he was given Calmpose injections and kept under sedation for a few days," recalls a relative.

The speculation in Jain family circles is that SK's game plan is to lie low in the Jangpura family home, with clandestine visits to the Bhilai Engineering Corporation office on Barakha-mba Road, and wait for the storm to pass. Speaking to Outlook on condition of anonymity, SK's close relatives put up a spirited defence for him and his brothers implicated in the scam.

They believe that in making payoffs to 115 politicians and bureaucrats, the Jains only did what is...

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