29 July, 2021

For Whom The Poll Tolled

Laloo Prasad Yadav gets back at a top cop who reported malpractices in the elections

For Whom The Poll Tolled

IT may well have all started when 13-year-old Manoj Kumar wanted to cast his vote on May 7, 1996, for the Patna parliamentary seat. An alert contingent of the Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) was on poll duty that day. The boy was stopped, and some force in doing it could not be ruled out. Nothing unusual about it, except the boy in question was Laloo Prasad Yadav's favoured nephew.

But this incident could only be a catalyst in the face of what followed: charges against CISF Deputy Inspector General of Police Kishore Kunal; a blow-by-blow account of poll mal-practices made by Kunal against the chief minister and his partymen; and the most unusual dirt-digging of the antecedents of Union Minister of State for Home Mohammed Taslimuddin, who in his position is expected to stop all that he has been charged with.

The hornet's nest was stirred by a detailed report made in March 1995 by Kunal, the nodal officer of the CISF in Bihar, on the election malpractices in the state, as being practiced by willing bureaucrats and supine...

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