13 June, 2021

For Whom The Liquor Bells Toll

Some instances when 'liquor tragedies' have hit the headlines in India

For Whom The Liquor Bells Toll
1967:130 people die in Tamil Nadu from drinking varnish. 700 are seriously affected. 

1971:Again in Tamil Nadu, 37 fishermen die after consuming adulter ated liquor.

1975: 50 people lose their lives in Ayanavaran, Madras.

1976: 120 people die in Sarspur, Ahmedabad. 

1981: 325 people die in Bangalore. 100 people lose their lives in Kochi after consuming illicit alcohol.

1982: In Kerala about 77 people die in Vypeen.

August 1985: 19 people die in Secunderabad.

September 1985: 30m people die in Ranchi.

January 1987: 50 die in the city of Madras. 

March 1987: Illicit liqor claims 70 lives in Bhagalpur, Bihar. 

May 1987: 15 die in Farukkabad, Uttar Pradesh.

August 1988:15 people die in Worli, Bombay.

 February 1990: 40 people lose their lives in Panrutti, Tamil Nadu.

June 1991: Killer hooch claims 13 lives in Ahmedabad.

October 1991: 194 people lose their lives in Delhi after consuming...

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