31 October, 2020

For Lives Of Others

We have a duty to inform our readers; we also have a duty to to not put our colleagues in unnecessary danger.

For Lives Of Others

Over the past six months, our media group has been attacked thrice. In the first instance, two employees were injured. In the most recent attack, which took place on a DSNG van of Express News in January, three staffers were shot dead. The TTP took responsibility for the last attack. We still have no clue about the other two.

While it is difficult to work under such circumstances, it is not impossible. But as an editor, one has to be cautious about what appears in print or online, more so for the safety of our staff.

While we have a duty to inform our readers, we also have a duty to our colleagues to not put them in unnecessary danger. Being part of the Coalition for Ethical Journalism, I have repeated time and again to colleagues that no news story is worth the death of a journalist. Stories cannot be killed. But people can.

After the attacks, we looked at our policy on the comment and opinion pieces. On some occasions, we felt contributors went overboard. We did not stop reporting on militant outfits. We did not censor incidents. We are in the...



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