26 November, 2020

For Kannadigas Only

A new proposal would dilute the state's multicultural character

For Kannadigas Only

IT is a proposal that has raised eyebrows even in a state that boasts the country's highest percentage of caste and community-based quotas for education and employment. The efforts of the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) to implement the Sarojini Mahishi Committee report, which recommends job reservations for Kannadigas in government departments, public sector units and even in the private sector, could well lead to a piquant situation in the state.

A Kannadiga, moreover, is not merely someone who has lived in the state for 15 years, but who can also speak, read and write Kannada "reasonably well".

Ten years after the report was published, the KDA, which has statutory powers, is doing its best to make the proposals a reality. Over the past few weeks, it has sent circulars to all state government undertakings to furnish details of the number of Kannadigas employed by them since the state government accepted the Sarojini Mahishi report. The KDA has also proposed to appoint a representative on the recruitment panels...



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