02 August, 2021

For Canine Victims Of Human Fickleness, He Is A Veritable St Francis

For Canine Victims Of Human Fickleness, He Is A Veritable St Francis

It’s a quiet, peaceful residential building in Mumbai. But Laxmi Niwas also houses an unusual school-one that takes in canines as pupils. And one of those is a Doberman called Genie. It’s owner, Zawareh Daruwala, might have trained it to resist the untimely calls of postmen, but pleasantries between Genie and the human population can end at a "Go get him" command from the 35-year-old Daruwala. It’s Genie’s history, as of the other dogs here, that makes this ‘school’ unique. Genie is a rescued dog, one that has a pedigree but has been abandoned by its owners. Dogs like Genie are usually left on the streets where these domesticated beings simply cannot survive. This is where Daruwala steps in. He adopts an abandoned dog and trains it to become a guard dog, so that rather than perish on mean urban streets it becomes capable of earning its own piece of bone.

Daruwala has been rescuing dogs for about six years and has trained over 45 abandoned canines. Most of these dogs have found ‘employment’ in companies like Siemens, Nicholas Piramal and Colour Kemp....

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