30 July, 2021

For Bovine Justice

Justice for Akhlaq lies trampled as a new report whips Dadri up in beefy, righteous anger

A panchayat meeting in progress in Bisada village in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh
For Bovine Justice

A Turn In Bisada

  • A new forensic report has said that the meat found with Akhlaq’s family was beef, triggering raw emotions
  • In Bisada, Dadri,  villagers demand action against the family, release of men held for his murder last year
  • Emboldened villagers equate Akhlaq’s murder with the rights of the cow, and warn of an agitation


Everyone in Bisada village of Dadri speaks earnestly of Hindu-­Muslim unity. But they speak on their side of a hard line, beyond which violence seems a terrible but inevitable option. “Akhlaq was like a brother. When I went out of town, he’d keep an eye on my house,” says Akhlaq’s neighbour. His pink house shares a boundary with Akhlaq’s abandoned blue one. He says they knew each other for long. “But if the forensic report says there was beef, and on WhatsApp I saw photos of a dead cow, then this had to happen....,” he trails off, too uncomfortable to push his argument...

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