01 November, 2020

For A New Right

For A New Right
The orgy of self-congratulation we are witnessing courtesy the culmination of four years of glorious NDA rule is, given our current drift, unexceptionable. While October 2003 is doubtless a milestone—if nothing else it marks four years of successful survival—the roar of trumpets heralding the "phenomenal progress" the Republic has registered is vastly exaggerated. The feelgood mood the country is experiencing currently has very little to do with good governance and a great deal to do with individual talent being gradually liberated from government-made chains. India is marching ahead despite its rulers, not because of its rulers. Let me hasten to add that my criticism is not aimed at a particular party, but the political culture they have collectively spawned.

As a political entity, the BJP offers an amazing paradox. Given the human resources it commands, given the experience of its top leadership, given the energy, hunger for power and organisational skills it possesses, given the disarray in the Opposition, the 11 Ashok Road-wallahs should be sitting pretty. Waiting for...



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