15 May, 2021

For A Few Good Men

Increasingly, for educated, urban women, getting married means first finding the right partner, which seems to be a commodity that is difficult to come by

For A Few Good Men

It’s the Ally McBeal syndrome. Every Wednesday on television, thirtysomething McBeal argues her cases intelligently, has a career on the upswing, is well liked by her peers, is considered reasonably attractive, knows how to have a good time and bonds well with friends of both sexes. Yet a meaningful relationship-let alone marriage-eludes this 21st century woman, episode after episode. And to add insult to injury, her ex-boyfriend not only works in the same firm as her but is happily married to a colleague. It’s a story that is finding a familiar echo in urban India. Women in their late twenties and thirties are increasingly finding it difficult to get men they can marry.

What’s gone wrong? According to the last national census, there are more men per woman in India. Yet the cities tell a story of women whose intention to marry is thwarted by just one fact: there just aren’t enough men to go around in the marital sweepstakes. Says Lynne Fernandez, 37, managing trustee at the Bangalore-based Nrityagram: "I guess it has to do with the...

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