15 June, 2021

'Fonthasthique' Voyage

Chick Lit just upgraded, courtesy a delicious new book

'Fonthasthique' Voyage
SOMEWHERE between fact and fiction, Getting There is the story of a year in Manjula Padmanabhan's life - 1977 - which takes her from Bombay to the US to Holland in search of Truth, Beauty and really good sex (not necessarily in that order).

The title is a lovely play on words. Emphasise the second word and it implies a destination. Stress the first, it's a chalta hai-ish description of the anxious fumbling with which most of us approach life. We've not yet arrived, we're not quite there yet, but hey, we're working on it. Its flip side is 'getting away' - leaving behind the humdrum and escaping, on holiday, or just to a different location, where we're not hemmed in by people's expectations of who we are.

The young Manjula finds herself trapped on all sides: by tetchy roommates, eccentric landlords, overbearing family, a low-maintenance boyfriend, and most of all, perhaps, trapped in her own (too excessive) flesh. Getting away from this lot, and getting more (and less) than what she bargained for in the process, is the long and the short of this...

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