18 January, 2021

Fling Ensemble

India's protocol planners take Sarkozy and Bruni's coming visit in their stride

Fling Ensemble
This Republic Day may be remembered for the glamour quotient. Competing with the official pageant will be the amorous parade of the guest of honour, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his charming chanteuse Carla Bruni. The fetching couple in matching Raybans on the VIP dais? After a stroll through the pyramids in Egypt and a camel ride in Jordan's Red Sea resort of Aqaba, Speedy Sarko and Sexy Bruni seem set to add 'exotic' India to their pre-wedding, very public honeymoon.

Even the French seem troubled by this in-your-face courtship with the First Lovebirds posing for the paparazzi, throwing the staid Elysee Palace into a tizzy. Bruni is a former supermodel, an heiress and a singer and could put a dramatic end to the idea of decorously retiring wives. Presidential etiquette in Paris is being redefined as we speak and it may force protocol police in India to think on their feet as well when Sarkozy comes arm-in-arm with his Italo-Franco cocktail. After all, he asked somewhat touchingly if he is not entitled to the same 'happiness' as an...


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