03 August, 2021

Flight Into The Wild

A new fashion statement in India writing using adrenaline instead of ink.

Flight Into The Wild
The Last Jet-Engine Laugh is a new fashion statement in Indian writing. To print parts of the book, instead of ink, the publishers have used adrenaline. Only this could explain the book’s wildness and its speed. Ruchir Joshi’s debut novel is a rough ride through three generations of an Indian family. As if edited for cinema, the novel presents a collage-work in which the reader flies through a jumbled landscape that is marked by iconic phases in our history: the freedom struggle, Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, and a future in which conflicts like the one in Kargil have given way to new, post-national alliances as well as fresh possibilities of annihilation.

The book’s principal character is Paresh Bhatt, Magnum photographer and an acutely divided citizen of a triumphant global order. Bhatt is cousin to Rushdie’s Rai in The Ground Beneath Her Feet; like Rai, Bhatt is prone to offer aphorisms on the state of the emergent world, his heart, and, of course, his art as well as rock and roll.

Bhatt is also only a switch...

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