24 July, 2021

Flematix At The Banquet

"Steve (Waugh) is a wonderful captain. Ricky is doing an excellent job in one-day cricket but Fleming is excellent. He is probably the best in the world," wrote Shane Warne in The Daily Telegraph

Flematix At The Banquet
When Fleming and Bond are on the same side, it is a highly combustible combination. That’s happening with New Zealand as the team peaks at the right time and moves towards a climactic finish at the World Cup. Both Fleming and Bond are very much part of the scheme of things of the Black Caps who are living up to their status as dark horses as the tournament moves into the second stage.

New Zealand’s plans for the World Cup were quite evident during the Indian team’s tour at the end of last year. It was a disaster for India of course. New Zealand hit two birds with one stone. Demoralised India which at rank number three were potential trouble-makers at the World Cup and, without doubt, enhanced their own reputation.

This was done not just by strategy on the field. There was strategy before play as well, clearly masterminded by this Fleming. It consisted of laying out underprepared pitches where the ball would dart around like a missile with an integrated circuit gone awry.

The plan worked. New Zealand emerged a powerful team on the eve of the World Cup. India...

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